[libvirt PATCH v4 6/6] Include vdpa devices in node device list

Laine Stump laine at redhat.com
Wed Sep 30 20:53:53 UTC 2020

On 9/30/20 4:29 PM, Jonathon Jongsma wrote:

> So after after a little more thinking and poking it looks like it may
> not be too hard to connect the sysfs path to the chardev after all. I
> don't have any vdpa hardware at the moment, but for vdpa_sim, the sysfs
> path /sys/devices/vdpa0 has a subdirectory named vhost-vdpa-0 that
> matches the name under /dev/ (/dev/vhost-vdpa-0).

That looks more like what I was expecting to be available!! (assuming 
you get confirmation from Jason or Cindy)

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