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Re: [GSoC PATCH 3/9] Jailhouse driver: Implementation of ConnectGetType

Hi Erik,

Thanks for looking into my patch set!.

I posted the patch set(PATCH 0-9) including the cover letter through git send-email only from my personal email Id(prakharbansal0910 gmail com).
Yesterday, only PATCH (3-9) were sent successfully to the mailing list and updated on the archive-list in a few minutes, but I got the message blocked error for PATCH 0-2 on the Gmail account and also couldn't send the patches again as I got the error message on the terminal that your daily limit has been exceeded.
My cover letter had only 4 lines of text, so not sure why it was missed too.

Yesterday(Aug 30th) and Today(Aug 31st) I tried to send the complete patch set again from my other account(itsprakhar gmail com) because I have to submit the work product in the GSoC's final evaluation today but that time none of the patches were sent to a mailing list or updated in the archive-list. Now, I see that all patches(0-9) are added to the archive-list. I used the same email server, port as I used with other account.

I Apologize for missing the mandatory sign-off in my patches. I will try again to send the complete patch set along with the sign-off-by field.
I'm not sure why PATCH 0-2 sent from account prakharbansal0910 gmail com  were not delivered to the mailing list yesterday.


On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 11:23 PM Erik Skultety <eskultet redhat com> wrote:
How did you post the patches? Normally I'd say that the first 2 may have got
stuck in the queue due to size restrictions and they'd have to be moderated,
but the cover letter is missing too, which, unless you wrote a massive article
in there, never happens, so I'm curious how you posted them so we can help.

Like I mentioned in your MR that you also opened against libvirt on GitLab, the
patches don't contain the mandatory Signed-off-by tag, so you have to resend
them anyway.


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