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Re: [GSoC PATCH 3/9] Jailhouse driver: Implementation of ConnectGetType

On 9/1/20 8:23 AM, Erik Skultety wrote:
How did you post the patches? Normally I'd say that the first 2 may have got
stuck in the queue due to size restrictions and they'd have to be moderated,
but the cover letter is missing too, which, unless you wrote a massive article
in there, never happens, so I'm curious how you posted them so we can help.

Like I mentioned in your MR that you also opened against libvirt on GitLab, the
patches don't contain the mandatory Signed-off-by tag, so you have to resend
them anyway.

I've talked with Prakhar on IRC yesterday and apparently, GMail SMTP server has some very strict limits as it's giving him "Daily user sending quota exceeded" error or something like that. Since we need an URL to paste in GSoC report, I've directed him to create a merge request.


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