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[PATCH 00/12] assorted cleanups in cpu_ppc64.c


While reading and studying cpu_ppc64.c I noticed that it
lacks the 'sophistication' that cpu_x86.c and cpu_arm.c
enjoys. This is my attempt to tidy it up a bit, adding some
typedefs and g_auto* cleanups to make it more up to par
with cpu_x86.c

Daniel Henrique Barboza (12):
  cpu_ppc64.c: use typedefs for 'struct ppc64_vendor'
  cpu_ppc64.c: register AUTOPTR_CLEANUP_FUNC for virCPUppc64VendorPtr
  cpu_ppc64.c: modernize ppc64VendorParse()
  cpu_ppc64.c: use typedefs for 'struct ppc64_model'
  cpu_ppc64.c: register AUTOPTR_CLEANUP_FUNC for virCPUppc64ModelPtr
  cpu_ppc64.c: use g_autopr() with virCPUppc64ModelPtr
  cpu_ppc64.c: use typedefs for 'struct ppc64_map'
  cpu_ppc64.c: register AUTOPTR_CLEANUP_FUNC for virCPUppc64MapPtr
  cpu_ppc64.c: use g_autopr() with virCPUppc64MapPtr
  cpu_ppc64.c: use g_autoptr() in virCPUppc64GetHost()
  cpu_ppc64.c: use g_autofree() whenever possible
  cpu_ppc64.c: use g_autoptr() whenever possible

 src/cpu/cpu_ppc64.c | 245 ++++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 1 file changed, 98 insertions(+), 147 deletions(-)


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