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Re: [PATCH 2/5] node_device: detect CSS devices

On 9/9/20 9:03 AM, Cornelia Huck wrote:

+static int
+udevProcessCSS(struct udev_device *device,
+               virNodeDeviceDefPtr def)
+    /* do not process EADM and CHSC devices to keep the list sane */
+    if (STREQ(def->driver, "eadm_subchannel") ||
+        STREQ(def->driver, "chsc_subchannel"))
[2] Also mentions message subchannel, although apparently there are no Linux
kernel drivers for that yet, IIUC that one would have to be added here as well
as some point, is that correct?
We have never seen those, but we would want to add them here if they
have no relevance for the user.
I think you want to filter message subchannels as well, my assumption
is that libvirt will only care about I/O subchannels.

it is stated that for
Message subchannels. No Linux driver currently exists.

Therefore I do not know how I could currently filter message subchannels out. Due you want me to reverse the logic and just filter out everything but "io_subchannel" instead (which I would regard as fencing the unknown)?

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   Boris Fiuczynski

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