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Libvirt Open Source Contribution

Hey libvirt team,

We (Ryan Gahagan, Dustan Helm, and Barrett Schonefeld) are computer science students at the University of Texas at Austin. We are taking a course in virtualization, and we’d like to contribute to the libvirt repository as part of this course. Here are the issues we are most interested in:



Additionally, we would like to take a look at issue 4 (https://gitlab.com/libvirt/libvirt/-/issues/4), the UDP slowdown for QEMU. We expect issue 4 to be more time-intensive, and we would like to communicate with you to ensure we’re solving the problem effectively.

Our course only runs until the end of the fall semester, so our time to contribute to this project is somewhat limited. If you think any of the issues we picked would be too difficult to accomplish during that time frame, we would appreciate alternative suggestions. We really hope to contribute to this project and help make improvements where we can.

Best regards,

Dustan Helm: dustan helm yahoo com

Barrett Schonefeld: bschoney utexas edu

Ryan Gahagan: ryangahagan18 gmail com

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