[PATCH] network: Introduce mutex for bridge name generation

Laine Stump laine at redhat.com
Thu Jan 7 16:05:50 UTC 2021

On 1/7/21 10:09 AM, Michal Privoznik wrote:
> When defining/creating a network the bridge name may be filled in
> automatically by libvirt (if none provided in the input XML or
> the one provided is a pattern, e.g. "virbr%d"). During the
> bridge name generation process a candidate name is generated
> which is then checked with the rest of already defined/running
> networks for collisions.
> Problem is, that there is no mutex guarding this critical section
> and thus if two threads line up so that they both generate the
> same candidate they won't find any collision and the same name is
> then stored.
> Closes: https://gitlab.com/libvirt/libvirt/-/issues/78

"Closes:"? I'm guessing other people have also been using this tag to 
get gitlab to automatically close PRs and I just haven't noticed it 
until now, but according to this page:


"Resolves:" also works, and is a tag that has already been used quite a 
bit in libvirt in the past.

On the other hand, I've had some people tell me that they want just the 
URL of the issue that was fixed, with no explicit tag (although that was 
for bugzilla bugs)

Is it worth trying to pick one of these to always use, or is that just 
pointless micromanagement? Or maybe there was already a discussion and I 
just missed it... (I'm undecided whether I lean towards OCD, or "Freedum!!")

> Signed-off-by: Michal Privoznik <mprivozn at redhat.com>

Reviewed-by: Laine Stump <laine at redhat.com>

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