[RFC] Change default ipv6 network from fec0/10 (site local) to fe80/10 (link local)

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at gnu.org
Wed Jan 27 21:55:23 UTC 2021


Philippe Mathieu-Daudé, le mer. 27 janv. 2021 22:46:13 +0100, a ecrit:
> On 1/27/21 8:13 PM, Doug Evans wrote:
> > I happened to notice QEMU's default for the ipv6 network is fec0::/10
> > which is deprecated (RFC3879).
> > I think(!) an obvious replacement is fe80::/10, link local.

fe80::/10 is really a different thing, I don't think we want to use it.

We can use some prefix in fc00::/7, such as fd00::/8.
It "just" needs checking with various guest OS, to check that it doesn't
break the default behavior.


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