[PATCH 4/4] tests: qemucapabilities: Add test-data for the qemu-6.1 cycle

Jiri Denemark jdenemar at redhat.com
Mon May 17 10:26:46 UTC 2021

On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 11:16:35 +0200, Peter Krempa wrote:
> Add test data based on qemu commit v6.0.0-540-g6005ee07c3.
> Notable changes are the removal of 'sheepdog' disk storage protocol.
> Additionally the cpu model reported when probing seems to have changed
> from:
> "model-id": "AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor            "
> to:
> "model-id": "QEMU TCG CPU version 2.5+"

This is indeed strange as KVM used to report the host's CPU name
directly, but it shouldn't cause any harm except for confusion humans
looking at the libvirtd logs or capabilities cache. In other words, it's
worth fixing unless it was an intentional change with a very reason

> despite building on the same machine. This probably also results in the
> 2 test changes in the CPU definition which popped up in this update.

I'm not sure if it's related (i.e., caused by the same QEMU changes),
but it's definitely not caused by the difference in model-id. Libvirt
does not even look at model-id, we only check individual CPU properties.

QEMU just reports svm, npt, and nrip-save are disabled... might be worth
reporting to them to check whether it is expected.


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