How to hot plugin a new vhost-user-blk-pci device to running VM?

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Fri May 21 15:28:08 UTC 2021

Thanks all of you for your help.
One more question regarding  vhost-user-blk-pci type device,  how to identify a vhost-blk disk in QEUM VM ?  for example, disk name looks like vda,vdb,..., but that some application in VM want to detect  that a certain entry is really the device it is waiting for. Specific for windows , they always show as disk 0, 1, 2….etc
Is there any way to identify those disk with each other in VM?


> 在 2021年5月17日,下午3:13,Michal Prívozník <mprivozn at> 写道:
> On 5/17/21 7:08 AM, Liang Chaojun wrote:
>> Thanks Michal and Peter for your response. I‘ m running it on qemu 5.1 build by myself. BTW, follow Peter’s suggestion, where I can get the latest rpms if I want to upgrade to Libvirt 7.1? As I know it seems need more than twenty related rpms not include dependency.
> Well, since you're building qemu yourself you could also build libvirt.
> Just be aware that the v7.3.0 release was the last one that supports
> RHEL-7. Newer releases might still work, but upstream does not aim to
> make everything work.
> Michal

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