Ceph RBD Connection

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Mon May 24 14:23:38 UTC 2021

On 5/23/21 8:48 PM, Han Han wrote:
> You can check the following:
> 1. Make sure the ceph mon node are running on the localhost:6789

root at server ~# netstat -pan | grep 6789
tcp        0      0 * LISTEN      

> 2. Check if the ceph authorization is enabled on the ceph cluster. 
> Check if authorization is
> used in rbd pool xml.
> You can provide more details on the rbd pool xml, ceph conf, and the 
> version of librbd1(client side), ceph(server side).

root at server ~# ceph auth get client.libvirt
exported keyring for client.libvirt
         key = AQDtM6lgXXXXXXXXpebpIoIKaFXQSTAg==
         caps mon = "profile rbd"
         caps osd = "profile rbd pool=libvirt-pool"

root at server ~# virsh secret-list
  UUID                                   Usage
  f290cb3a-a9de-48d7-89ce-09311eadff4a   ceph client.libvirt secret

root at server ~# virsh secret-dumpxml f290cb3a-a9de-48d7-89ce-09311eadff4a
<secret ephemeral='no' private='no'>
   <usage type='ceph'>
     <name>client.libvirt secret</name>

root at server ~# virsh pool-dumpxml libvirt-pool
<pool type='rbd'>
   <capacity unit='bytes'>0</capacity>
   <allocation unit='bytes'>0</allocation>
   <available unit='bytes'>0</available>
     <host name='localhost' port='6789'/>
     <auth type='ceph' username='libvirt'>
       <secret uuid='f290cb3a-a9de-48d7-89ce-09311eadff4a'/>

root at server ~# ceph versions
     "mon": {
         "ceph version 15.2.12 
(ce065eabfa5ce81323b009786bdf5bb03127cbe1) octopus (stable)": 2
     "mgr": {
         "ceph version 15.2.12 
(ce065eabfa5ce81323b009786bdf5bb03127cbe1) octopus (stable)": 2
     "osd": {
         "ceph version 15.2.12 
(ce065eabfa5ce81323b009786bdf5bb03127cbe1) octopus (stable)": 2
     "mds": {},
     "rgw": {
         "ceph version 15.2.12 
(ce065eabfa5ce81323b009786bdf5bb03127cbe1) octopus (stable)": 1
     "overall": {
         "ceph version 15.2.12 
(ce065eabfa5ce81323b009786bdf5bb03127cbe1) octopus (stable)": 7

root at server ~# pkgfile /usr/lib/librbd.so.1.12.0
root at server ~# pacsearch ceph-libs
community/ceph-libs 15.2.12-1 [installed]
     Distributed, fault-tolerant storage platform delivering object, 
block, and file system

Sorry I should have included this information in my original email. I 
followed this guide 
to setup the above configuration and I also tried following the guide at 
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