Recommended volume permissions (being created for vagrant-libvirt via fog-libvirt)

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Mon May 31 14:42:37 UTC 2021


On Thu, 27 May 2021 at 13:34, Michal Prívozník <mprivozn at> wrote:

> Disks can contain various secrets (passwords, certificates, private
> keys, etc.). Historically, libvirt set seclabel on anything that QEMU
> needed access to and then returned it to root:root when QEMU no longer
> needed it, exactly because we could not tell if some sensitive info was
> stored in a file or not.
> With recent enough libvirt (5.6.0 or newer) libvirt remember the
> original seclabel (owner + SELinux label) and restores them afterwards.
> The mode is untouched though.

Does the typical SELinux label prevent other users on the system from
reading the VM image file even if it has o+r set on it? I'm hazy enough on
SELinux that I don't want to make any invalid assumptions.

> I'd say that if somebody wants a disk to be "shared", e.g. readable by
> other users on the system, they can put <shareable/> stanza into disk
> XML. But then again - libvirt doesn't change the mode. So I think it's
> up to vagrant to decide.
> Michal

I think requiring an explicit decision to share is probably the best
approach and better to keep that as part of the requirements before
enabling o+r on the mode. Thanks, that's a very useful suggestion.

Darragh Bailey
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