[libvirt][PATCH v9 0/5] Support query and use SGX

Michal Prívozník mprivozn at redhat.com
Fri Jan 7 15:05:55 UTC 2022

On 12/15/21 04:40, Haibin Huang wrote:
> This patch series provides support for enabling Intel's Software Guard
> Extensions (SGX) feature in guest VM.
> Giving the SGX support in QEMU be accepted and will be merged in two
> days Intel SGX is a set of instructions that increases the security
> of application code and data, giving them more protection from disclosure
> or modification.
> Developers can partition sensitive information into enclaves, which are
> areas of execution in memory with more security protection.
> The typical flow looks below at very high level:
> 1. Calls virConnectGetDomainCapabilities API to domain capabilities that
> includes the following SGX information.
> <feature>
> ...
>   <sgx supported='yes'>
>     <epc_size unit='KiB'>N</epc_size>
>   </sgx>
> </feature>
> 2. User requests to start a guest calling virCreateXML() with SGX requirement.
> It should contain
>  <devices>
>       ...
>       <memory model='sgx-epc'>
>         <target>
>           <size unit='KiB'>N</size>
>         </target>
>       </memory>
>       ...
>   </devices>
> Haibin Huang (2):
>   Get SGX Capabilities from QEMU
>   Transfer Qemu SGX Capabilities to XML
> Lin Yang (3):
>   conf: Introduce SGX EPC element into device memory xml
>   qemu: Add command-line to generate SGX EPC memory backend
>   Add unit tests for guest VM creation command with SGX EPC

Next time please make sure that any patch you send is rebased onto the
master branch that's at least somewhat current. I had to go all the way
down to 7.8.0 to apply these (somewhere mid October). I believe libvirt
is not the only project that mandates this.

I've uploaded these patches to my gitlab:


You'll find 'fixup' commits there which cover some of the points I am
raising. Might be worth looking at it. I'll keep the branch there for a


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