Release of libvirt-8.0.0

Jiri Denemark jdenemar at
Fri Jan 14 14:20:25 UTC 2022

The 8.0.0 release of both libvirt and libvirt-python is tagged and
signed tarballs and source RPMs are available at

Thanks everybody who helped with this release by sending patches,
reviewing, testing, or providing feedback. Your work is greatly

* Security

  * libxl: Fix potential deadlock and crash (CVE-2021-4147)

    A rogue guest could continuously reboot itself and cause libvirtd on the
    host to deadlock or crash, resulting in a denial of service condition.

* Removed features

  * qemu: Explicitly forbid live changing nodeset for strict numatune

    For ``strict`` mode of <numatune/> it can't be guaranteed that memory is
    moved completely onto new set of nodes (e.g. QEMU might have locked pieces
    of its memory) thus breaking the strict promise. If live migration of QEMU
    memory between NUMA nodes is desired, users are advised to use
    ``restrictive`` mode instead.

* New features

  * qemu: Synchronous write mode for disk copy operations

    The ``blockdev-mirror`` block job supports a mode where writes from the VM
    are synchronously propagated to the destination of the copy. This ensures
    that the job will converge under heavy I/O.

    Implement the mode for the copy blockjob as
    ``virsh blockcopy --synchronous-writes`` and for non-shared storage migration
    ``virsh migrate --copy-storage-synchronous-writes``.

  * Introduce TCG domain features

    Libvirt is now able to set the size of translation block cache size
    (tb-size) for TCG domains.

  * qemu: Add new API to inject a launch secret in a domain

    New API ``virDomainSetLaunchSecurityState()`` and virsh command
    ``domsetlaunchsecstate`` are added to support injecting a launch secret
    in a domain's memory.

* Improvements

  * libxl: Implement the virDomainGetMessages API

  * qemu: Preserve qcow2 sub-cluster allocation state after external snapshots and block-copy

    The new image which is installed as an overlay on top of the current chain
    when taking an external snapshot, or the target of a block copy operation
    now enables sub-cluster allocation (``extended_l2``) if the original
    image has the option enabled.

* Bug fixes

  * qemu: Fix device hot-unplug with ``libvirt-7.9`` or ``libvirt-7.10`` used with ``qemu-6.2``

    An internal change to the configuration format used by the above libvirt
    versions triggers a bug in ``qemu-6.2`` where qemu no longer emits the
    event notifying that the device was unplugged successfully and thus libvirt
    never removes the device from the definition.

    This impacts only devices which were present at startup of the VM, hotplugged
    devices behave correctly.

    This is fixed in ``libvirt-8.0`` by reverting to the old configuration
    approach until qemu is fixed.

    As a workaround for ``libvirt-7.9`` and ``libvirt-7.10`` the old configuration
    approach can be forced by:

    Option 1, global ``qemu.conf``::

     capability_filters = [ "device.json" ]

    Option 2, per VM XML override::

     <domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu=''>


        <qemu:del capability='device.json'/>

  * Fix sparse streams with split daemon

    In split daemon scenario, a client connected to a hypervisor driver and
    using sparse streams (e.g. ``virsh vol-download --sparse``) would make the
    hypervisor daemon enter an infinite loop without any data transfer. This is
    now fixed.

  * Build no longer requires RPC library

    Code and its cross dependencies were fixed so that build without remote
    driver and thus an RPC library (like ``tirpc``) fails no more.

  * virnetdevopenvswitch: Fix 'burst' value passed to ovs-vsctl

    When a ``<bandwidth/>`` was defined for a TAP device that's plugged into an
    OvS bridge values passed to the OvS were incorrectly recalculated resulting
    in slightly different limits being applied.



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