[libvirt][PATCH v9 2/5] Transfer Qemu SGX Capabilities to XML

Michal Prívozník mprivozn at redhat.com
Thu Jan 20 09:44:08 UTC 2022

On 1/20/22 02:37, Huang, Haibin wrote:
> Hi Michal,
> Ok , I have change it like below. Do you mean that?
> <domainCapabilities>
>   <features>
>     <sgx supported='yes'>
>       <flc>no</flc>
>       <epc_size unit='KiB'>1</epc_size>
>     </sgx>
>   </features>
> </domainCapabilities>

Yes, but also please change the patch subject, something like: "Report
SGX capabilites in domcaps XML" will do. The idea is that from git-log
output it should be apparent what each commit is doing. Bonus points if
that's apparent from 'git log --oneline'.


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