ANNOUNCE: virt-manager 4.0.0 released

Cole Robinson crobinso at
Wed Mar 2 20:21:52 UTC 2022

I'm happy to announce the release of virt-manager 4.0.0!
The release can be downloaded from:

Some notable defaults changes:

* virt-install: missing --os-variant/--osinfo is now a hard error in
  most cases. If you weren't specifying a value, or getting one from
  install media detection, you were probably getting crappy defaults
  and didn't realize it. If you hit this case you will see a big
  descriptive error hopefully guiding you to an easy solution.
  You can see the error and some more details in this email:

* For qemu x86 we now use mode=host-passthrough as the CPU default
  instead of mode=host-model

* We now use video model virtio-gpu/virtio-vga in many cases where
  we previously used qxl, following the suggestions here:

* We now add an TPM emulated device when the VM will use UEFI

* qemu x86 q35 VMs will be created with extra pcie-root-ports to
  facilitate device hotplug.

* We set disk discard=unmap when we know the disk storage sparse,
  or when storage is a block device.

Some other notable changes:

- Add 'Enable shared memory' UI checkbox (Lin Ma)
- add UI preference to default to UEFI for new VMs (Charles Arnold)
- Add virtiofs filesystem driver UI option
- Fill in all --cputune, --cpu, --shmem, --input, and --boot suboptions
  (Hugues Fafard)
- virt-* mdev improvements (Shalini Chellathurai Saroja)
- bhyve improvments (Roman Bogorodskiy)
- Revive network portgroup UI

Notes for distro maintainers:

* We replaced usage of isoinfo with xorisso
* We now depend on python setuptools for build + install
* We added an explicit runtime requirement to pygobject >= 3.31.3.
  This is from June 2014 so probably not relevant for modern distros.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release through testing,
bug reporting, submitting patches, and otherwise sending in feedback!


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