[PATCH v2] conf: Introduce memory allocation threads

Martin Kletzander mkletzan at redhat.com
Thu Mar 24 14:11:04 UTC 2022

On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 12:16:01PM +0100, Michal Privoznik wrote:
>Since its v5.0.0 release QEMU is capable of specifying number of
>threads used to allocate memory. It defaults to 1, which may be
>too low for humongous guests with gigantic pages.
>In general, on QEMU cmd line level it is possible to use
>different number of threads per each memory-backend-* object, in
>practical terms it's not useful. Therefore, use <memoryBacking/>
>to set guest wide value and let all memory devices 'inherit' it,
>silently. IOW, don't introduce per device knob because that would
>only complicate things for a little or no benefit.
>Signed-off-by: Michal Privoznik <mprivozn at redhat.com>

Reviewed-by: Martin Kletzander <mkletzan at redhat.com>
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