[PATCH 2/3] qemu: get the stackManager lock before getting nested lock

Michal Prívozník mprivozn at redhat.com
Mon Oct 17 08:23:52 UTC 2022

[please keep the list on CC]
On 10/15/22 13:55, Jiang Jiacheng wrote:
> Thanks for your reply.
> In other similar situation, we will get the StacksecurityManager lock
> before get other driver's lock to keep the use of the security drivers
> is internally serialized(in 'virSecurityManagerGenLabel').
> In the functions of this patch, we haven't get the StacksecurityManager
> lock but get the lock of other drivers in qemuSecurityGetBaseLabel. I
> think it's the reason of this problem.
> And I think 'virSecurityManagerGetNested' is used to get a list of other
> SecurityManager, i'm not sure whether we need a lock here.

Yeah, we might need to rework locking a bit. Or shuffle some code
around, but locking the object from outside does not feel right, since
it's supposed to manage locks itself.


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