[Libvirt-announce] [ANNOUNCE] libvirt-glib 0.1.1 release

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) zeeshanak at gnome.org
Tue Aug 7 18:12:48 UTC 2012

I am pleased to announce that a new release of the libvirt-glib package,
version 0.1.1 is now available from


The packages are GPG signed with

    Key fingerprint: DE11 B48B FDC1 6349 4312  0860 FCAC ABEE 62D1 1E4C (2048R)

New in this release:

- Add bindings for virDomainSnapshotCreate*().
- Add bindings for virDomainRestore*().
- Add GVir.DomainShutdownFlags() binding.
- Add GVir.DomainXMLFlags binding.

libvirt-glib comprises three distinct libraries:

   - libvirt-glib    - Integrate with the GLib event loop and error handling
   - libvirt-gconfig - Representation of libvirt XML documents as GObjects
   - libvirt-gobject - Mapping of libvirt APIs into the GObject type system

NB: While libvirt aims to be API/ABI stable forever, with libvirt-glib
we are not yet guaranteeing that libvirt-glib libraries are API/ABI
permanently stable. As of the 0.0.8 release, we have tentatively frozen
the API/ABI with the intent of being longterm stable hereafter, but
there is still a small chance we might find flaws requiring an API/ABI
change. The likelihood of this is low, however, and we will strive to
avoid it.

Follow up comments about libvirt-glib should be directed to the regular
libvir-list redhat com development list.

Thanks to all the people involved in contributing to this release.


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

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