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[Libvirt-announce] ANNOUNCE: libvirt-glib release 0.0.6

I am pleased to announce that a new release of the libvirt-glib package,
version 0.0.6 is now available from


The packages are GPG signed with

    Key fingerprint: DAF3 A6FD B26B 6291 2D0E  8E3F BE86 EBB4 1510 4FDF (4096R)

New in this release:

  - Add binding for virDomainBlockResize(): gvir_domain_disk_resize().
  - Set correct target node attribute for domain interface.
    gvir_config_domain_interface_set_ifname() should be setting 'dev' attribute
    under 'target', not 'device'.
  - Getter for the associated domain of a domain device.
  - Getters for GVirConfigDomainInterface attributes.
  - GVirDomainDevice now has an associated GVirConfigDomainDevice.
  - Remove now redundant 'path' property from GVirDomainDevice subclasses.
  - Add gvir_domain_get_devices().
  - Empty statistics for user-mode interfaces. One of the limitations of user-mode
    networking of libvirt is that you can't get statistics for it (not yet, at
    least). Instead of erroring-out in that case, simply return empty statistics
    result and spit a debug message.
  - Fix a GVirStream leak.
  - Also distribute GNUmakefile, cfg.mk and maint.mk files.

libvirt-glib comprises three distinct libraries:

   - libvirt-glib    - Integrate with the GLib event loop and error handling
   - libvirt-gconfig - Representation of libvirt XML documents as GObjects
   - libvirt-gobject - Mapping of libvirt APIs into the GObject type system

NB: While libvirt aims to be API/ABI stable, for the first few releases,
we are *NOT* guaranteeing that libvirt-glib libraries are API/ABI stable.
ABI stability will only be guaranteed once the bulk of the APIs have been
fleshed out and proved in non-trivial application usage. We anticipate
this will be within the next few months in order to line up with Fedora 17.

Follow up comments about libvirt-glib should be directed to the regular
libvir-list redhat com development list.

Thanks to all the people involved in contributing to this release.

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