[Libvirt-announce] ANNOUNCE: libvirt maintenance release

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Sat Oct 27 23:02:03 UTC 2012

libvirt maintenance release is now available. This is
libvirt 0.10.2 with additional bugfixes that have accumulated
upstream since the initial release.

This release can be downloaded at:


Changes in this version:

* qemu: Fix domxml-to-native network model conversion
* parallels: fix build for some older compilers
* documentation: HTML tag fix
* network: fix networkValidate check for default portgroup and vlan
* esx: Update version checks for vSphere 5.1
* Fix detection of Xen sysctl version 9
* selinux: Don't fail RestoreAll if file doesn't have a default label
* storage: don't shadow global 'wait' declaration
* Remove a couple duplicates from AUTHORS.in (cherry picked from commit
* storage: Don't do wait loops from VolLookupByPath
* storage: Add timeout for iscsi volume's stable path discovery
* spec: Fix multilib issue with systemtap tapsets
* docs: Fix installation of internals/*.html
* virsh: Fix segfault of snapshot-list
* docs: virsh: clarify behavior of send-key
* daemon: Avoid 'Could not find keytab file' in syslog
* network: don't allow multiple default portgroups
* network: always create dnsmasq hosts and addnhosts files, even if
* network: free/null newDef if network fails to start
* Autogenerate AUTHORS
* build: avoid infinite autogen loop
* selinux: relabel tapfd in qemuPhysIfaceConnect
* network: Set to NULL after virNetworkDefFree()
* selinux: remove unused variables in socket labelling (cherry picked
  from commit d37a3a1d6c6508f235965185453602ba310cc66e)
* selinux: fix wrong tapfd relablling
* selinux: Use raw contexts 2
* selinux: add security selinux function to label tapfd
* selinux: Use raw contexts
* network: fix dnsmasq/radvd binding to IPv6 on recent kernels
* qemu: Clear async job when p2p migration fails early
* storage: lvm: lvcreate fails with allocation=0, don't do that
* storage: lvm: Don't overwrite lvcreate errors
* spec: Add runtime requirement for libssh2
* spec: Add support for libssh2 transport
* conf: Fix crash with cleanup
* Properly parse (unsigned) long long
* Correct name of domain/pm/suspend-to-mem in docs (cherry picked from
  commit 0ec6aebb6461b3d6ef71322114cf160ae2d3de19)
* storage: Report UUID/name consistently in driver errors
* Change qemuSetSchedularParameters to use AFFECT_CURRENT
* nodeinfo: Fully convert to new virReportError
* Call curl_global_init from virInitialize to avoid thread-safety issues
* fix kvm_pv_eoi with kvmclock
* esx: Disable libcurl's use of signals to fix a segfault
* S390: Buffer too small for large CPU numbers.
* spec: prefer canonical name of util-linux
* docs: fix links in migration.html TOC
* Correct checking of virStrcpyStatic() return value
* build: avoid -Wno-format on new-enough gcc
* qemu: Use proper agent entering function when freezing filesystems
* lxc: Correctly report active cgroups
* build: fix bitmap conversion when !CPU_ALLOC
* Add note about numeric domain names to manpage
* build: default selinuxfs mount point to /sys/fs/selinux
* ARMHF: implement /proc/cpuinfo parsing
* python: return error if PyObject obj is NULL for unwrapper helper
* Fix compilation of legacy xen driver with Xen 4.2
* Fix handling of itanium arch name in QEMU driver
* Fix potential deadlock when agent is closed
* Fix (rare) deadlock in QEMU monitor callbacks
* Don't skip over socket label cleanup
* Don't ignore return value of qemuProcessKill
* Fix deadlock in handling EOF in LXC monitor
* Support Xen sysctl version 9 in Xen 4.2
* build: avoid older gcc warning
* parallels: don't give null pointers to virBitmapEqual
* parallels: fix memory allocation
* Don't use O_TRUNC when opening QEMU logfiles
* Simplify some redundant locking while unref'ing objects
* Remove pointless virLXCProcessMonitorDestroy method
* Convert virLXCMonitor to use virObject
* Move virProcess{Kill,Abort,TranslateStatus} into virprocess.{c,h}
* Move virProcessKill into virprocess.{h,c}
* Rename virCommandTranslateStatus to virProcessTranslateStatus
* Rename virPid{Abort,Wait} to virProcess{Abort,Wait}
* Rename virKillProcess to virProcessKill
* Fix start of containers with custom root filesystem
* Update how to compile with -Werror
* build: fix detection of netcf linked with libnl1
* command: Change virCommandAddEnv so it replaces existing environment
  variables. (cherry picked from commit
* command: Move environ-adding code to common function virCommandAddEnv.

For info about past maintenance releases, see:



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