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[Libvirt-announce] Release of libvirt-python-1.2.0

 So this is the first release fo the separated libvirt-python code base
out of the main libvirt git. In this case the two release have been made
in tandem to avoid disruptions, but there is no guarantee that the
future releases of both project will be bound together (though I will
try to sync those to minimize churn when possible !)

 Tarball and rpms are now available on the new location:

 The release obviously is mostly around making the switch to an
independant package, and making sure that this will build on older
version of libvirt already released. Hence a very large set of the
patches are specific to portability issues:

- Separating libvirt-python releases from libvirt releases (Daniel P. Berrange and Doug Goldstein)
- Add missing binding of security model/label APIs (Daniel P. Berrange)

Bug Fixes:
- Return right error code for baselineCPU (Don Dugger)
- Add missing break to switch-case block (Doug Goldstein)

- Update README file contents and add HACKING file (Daniel P. Berrange)

- Deal with old filenames for events/error functions (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Ensure API overrides only used if API exists (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Relax min required libvirt to version 0.9.11 (Daniel P. Berrange)
- virConnectGetCPUModelNames API appeared in 1.1.3 (Doug Goldstein)
- VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_ID_DEVICE_REMOVED appeared in 1.1.1 (Daniel P. Berrange)
- virDomainCreateXMLWithFiles and virDomainCreateWithFiles APIs appeared in 1.1.1 (Doug Goldstein)
- virDomainMigrate3 and virDomainMigrateToURI3 appeared in 1.1.0 (Doug Goldstein)
- virTypedParams* API appeared in 1.0.2 and used in 1.1.0 (Doug Goldstein)
- virDomainMigrateGetCompressionCache API appeared in 1.0.3 (Doug Goldstein)
- virDomainGetJobStats API appeared in 1.0.3 (Doug Goldstein)
- virNodeGetCPUMap API appeared in 1.0.0 (Doug Goldstein)
- VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_ID_PMSUSPEND_DISK appeared in 1.0.0 (Daniel P. Berrange)
- virStoragePoolListAllVolumes API appeared in 0.10.2 (Doug Goldstein)
- virNode{Get,Set}MemoryParameters API appeared in 0.10.2 (Doug Goldstein)
- virConnectListAll* APIs appeared in 0.10.2 (Doug Goldstein)
- virDomainQemuAgentCommand appeared in 0.10.0 (Daniel P. Berrange)
- virDomainPinEmulator and virDomainGetEmulatorPinInfo APIs appeared in 0.10.0 (Doug Goldstein)
- VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_ID_BALLOON_CHANGED appeared in 0.10.0 (Daniel P. Berrange)
- virConnect{Unr,R}egisterCloseCallback API appeared in 0.10.0 (Doug Goldstein)
- virDomainSnapshotListAllChildren API appeared in 0.9.13 (Doug Goldstein)
- virConnectListAllDomains API appeared in 0.9.13 (Doug Goldstein)
- virDomainListAllSnapshots API appeared in 0.9.13 (Doug Goldstein)
- Don't build LXC module when building less than 1.0.2 (Doug Goldstein)

- Improve quality of sanitytest check (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Skip copying manually written python for C APIs which don't exist (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix misc RPM specfile flaws (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix code for avoiding overrides of non-existant functions (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Avoid generating the methods in multiple classes (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Make block pull event dispatcher private (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Don't include virDomainSnapshotRef in python API (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Call virGetLastError from mod rather than py wrapper (Doug Goldstein)
- Make setup.py executable (Martin Kletzander)
- maint: next release is 1.2.0 (Eric Blake)
- Create array of modules to be built (Doug Goldstein)
- Break generator.py to be called per module (Doug Goldstein)
- Setup distutils build system (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Add execute permission for sanitytest.py (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Add build/ to python module path for sanitytest.py (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Import some virTypedParams* APIs from libvirt (Doug Goldstein)
- Import LIBVIR_CHECK_VERSION macro from libvirt (Doug Goldstein)
- Import VIR_FORCE_CLOSE macro from libvirt (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Remove use of virStrcpyStatic (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Import VIR_ALLOC / VIR_ALLOC_N / VIR_REALLOC_N functions (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Import code annotation macros from libvirt (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Import gnulib's ignore_value macro (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Import gnulib's xalloc_oversized macro (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Add decl of MIN macro (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Import STREQ macro from libvirt (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Update header file includes (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Update generator for new code layout (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Remove obsolete Makefile.am (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Move python example programs into python/examples/ subdirectory (Daniel P. Berrange)

- Mostly revert "python: remove virConnectGetCPUModelNames from globals" (Daniel P. Berrange)
- python: remove virConnectGetCPUModelNames from globals (Doug Goldstein)
- python: remove virConnectGetCPUModelNames from globals (Doug Goldstein)
- maint: fix comma style issues: python (Eric Blake)

  thanks everybody for your contributions to this release,


Daniel Veillard      | Open Source and Standards, Red Hat
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
http://veillard.com/ | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/

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