[Libvirt-announce] Release of libvirt-java-0.5.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Fri Sep 13 09:51:38 UTC 2013

  With a bit of delay, the release needed by Wido is finally available,
it is tagged in git and I have pushed tarball, jar and rpms to the FTP:


Wido maybe you can push to Maven, I'm unsure how to do this and last
time I tried I made a mess :-)

I bumped the intermediate release number as this release includes
more improvements and fixes than the previous ones and deprecates a
couple of things:

- Fix the rpm build (Daniel Veillard)
- Explicitly set includeAntRuntime to false for javac tasks. (Claudio Bley)
- Fix build with jna >= 3.5.0 (Jiri Denemark)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed broken dates in Changelog (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix memory leaks for libvirt functions returning newly allocated memory. (Claudio Bley)
- Fix memory leak for virDomainGetSchedulerType. (Claudio Bley)

- Implement and use virDomainMigrateToURI2 by overloading migrateToUri (Wido den Hollander)
- Implement virDomainMigrate2 and use it for a new migrate method. (Wido den Hollander)
- Overload Domain.snapshotCreateXML with a method that has an argument for flags (Wido den Hollander)
- Overload Domain.snapshotListNames with a method that has an additional flags argument. (Wido den Hollander)
- Implement virDomainUndefineFlags by overloading the existing undefine method (Wido den Hollander)
- Implement virStorageVolResize by adding resize to StorageVol (Wido den Hollander)
- Implement virDomainBlockResize (Wido den Hollander)
- Avoid creating new Arrays and Lists on every struct instantiation (Claudio Bley)
- Make the build fail if any of the JUnit tests have errors or failures (Claudio Bley)
- Avoid unnecessary copying and calling virResetLastError. (Claudio Bley)
- Split "build" target and automatically rebuild out of date files. (Claudio Bley)
- Split JUnit tests and use a fixture for Connect. (Claudio Bley)
- Call processError only if a libvirt function indicates an error. (Claudio Bley)
- Change visibility of class members to private to enforce encapsulation. (Claudio Bley)
- Make finalize() methods protected. (Claudio Bley)
- Add findbugs build file for ant. (Claudio Bley)
- Introduce a javac.debug property. (Claudio Bley)
- maint: correct name for license file (Eric Blake)
- Add Javadoc and Source JARs to Maven repo (Wido den Hollander)
- Fix the Maven build system with Ant (Wido den Hollander)

- trivial remove unused imports (Stefan Majer)
- Remove unused imports (Stefan Majer)
- Remove functions not intended to be used by libvirt bindings. (Claudio Bley)
- Remove the libvirt instance attribute from all classes. (Claudio Bley)
- Mark virConnCopyLastError and virConnGetLastError as deprecated. (Claudio Bley)
- Remove redundant public modifier from Libvirt interface methods. (Claudio Bley)

  Thanks Claudio, Wido and everybody else who contributed !


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