[Libvirt-announce] Availability of libvirt-3.1.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Fri Mar 3 10:41:57 UTC 2017

  I'm a bit late but I finally pushed the release, the signed tarball and rpms
are at the usual place:


I also pushed a libvirt-python release that one can find at


* New features

- storage: Add Virtuozzo storage backend storage pool
Add new storage backend to support pool and volume management within
the Virtuozzo Storage environment. Virtuozzo Storage is a highly
available distributed software defined storage with built-in
replication and disaster recovery.

- qemu: Add support for memory backing with file source
Add support in numa topology for file source inside memory backing
(hugepages are not needed) Three new elements <source/>,<access/> and
<allocation/> were added to <memoryBacking/> element. Also new
configuration parameter memory_backing_dir was added to qemu.conf.

- network: make openvswitch call timeout configurable
Adding the ability to specify the timeout value in seconds for
openvswitch calls in the libvirtd configuration file.

- bhyve: add e1000 NIC support
Add support for e1000 NIC. Previously, the only available option was

- libxl: add tunneled migration support
Add tunneled migration to libxl driver, which is always capable of
strong encryption and doesn't require any extra network connection
other than what's required for remote access of libvirtd.

- qemu: add rendernode argument
Add a new attribute 'rendernode' to <gl> spice element.

- nodedev: add drm capability
Add a new 'drm' capability for Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) devices,
providing device type information.

- Add API for individual/specific vCPU hotplug
The new API allows selecting specific vCPUs to be added/removed from
the VM. The existing APIs allowed only adding/removing from the end
which did not play well with NUMA.

* Improvements

- virsh: pool-list: allow both --uuid and --name in one command
Adjust the virsh-pool command to support the --uuid and/or --name
options in order to print just the --name and/or --uuid of pools.

- Introduce MTU to domain <interface/> and <network>
Allow setting MTU size for some types of domain interface and network.

- libxl: improve support for <timer> configurations
Add support for multiple timers. Extend the tsc timer to support the
emulate mode. Improve conversion of timer XML to/from xl.cfg.

- storage: modularize the storage driver
Split up the storage driver backends into loadable modules so that
binary distributions don't have to compromise on shipping the storage
driver with all backends which may pull in too many dependencies.

* Bug fixes

- nodedev: Fabric name must not be required for fc_host capability
fabric_name is one of many fc_host attributes in Linux that is optional
and left to the low-level driver to decide if it is implemented. For
example the zfcp device driver does not provide a fabric name for an
fcp host. The requirement for the existence of a fabric name has been
removed by making it optional.

- bhyve: change address allocation schema for SATA disks
Previously, the bhyve driver assigned PCI addresses to SATA disks
directly rather than assigning that to a controller and using SATA
addresses for disks. It was implemented this way because bhyve has no
notion of an explicit SATA controller. However, as this doesn't match
libvirt's understanding of disk addresses, the bhyve driver was changed
to follow the common schema and have PCI addresses for SATA controllers
and SATA addresses for disks. If you're having issues because of this,
it's recommended to edit the domain's XML and remove <address
type='pci'> from the <disk> elements with <target bus='sata'/> and let
libvirt regenerate it properly.

- libxl: maximum memory fixes
Fix reporting of domain maximum memory. Fix setting dom0 maximum

- libxl: fix disk detach when <driver> not specified

- libxl: fix dom0 autoballooning with Xen 4.8

- qemu: Allow empty script path to <interface/>
Historically, this was always allowed. Unfortunately, due to some
rework done for 1.3.2 release a bug was dragged in which suddenly stop
allowing domain with such configuration to start.

   Thanks everybody for your contributions for this release, be it with
code, bug reports, ideas, etc....

   Enjoy the release !


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