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[Libvirt-announce] Availability of libvirt 3.7.0

  I pushed the final version earlier today, it is tagged in git and
I made available sigend tarball and rpms at the usual place:


I also rolled out the 3.7.0 version of libvirt-python bindings, those are
available from:


This is a balanced release with new features available from virsh command
line and API, as well a general improvements and a fair amount of bug fixes:

* New features

- qemu: Add managedsave-edit commands
    Using managedsave-dumpxml, managedsave-define and managedsave-edit
    commands, now we can dump and edit the XML configuration of domain
    which has managedsave image.

- qemu: Add migrate-getmaxdowntime command
    Currently, the maximum tolerable downtime for a domain being migrated
    is write-only from libvirt, via migrate-setmaxdowntime. This implements
    a complementary migrate-getmaxdowntime command

- bhyve: Support autoport for VNC ports
    It's no longer necessary to explicitly specify VNC port for the bhyve
    guests. With the autoport feature it will be allocated automatically.
    Please refer to the bhyve driver documentation for examples.

- qemu: Added support for setting heads of virtio GPU

- qemu: Added support to configure reconnect timeout for chardev devices
    When you have a TCP or UNIX chardev device and it's connected somewhere
    you can configure reconnect timeout if the connection is closed.

* Improvements

- qemu: Report a clear error when dropping a VM during startup
    "Failed to load config for domain 'DOMNAME'" is now reported if a VM
    config can't be parsed for some reason, and thus provides a clear
    indication for users (and devs).

- apparmor: Update for QEMU 2.10 compatibility
    Starting with QEMU 2.10, disk images and NVRAM files get automatically
    locked to prevent them from being corrupted; however, file locking
    needs to be explicitly allowed through virt-aa-helper or AppArmor will
    reject the requests and the guest will not be able to run.

- virsh: List Unix sockets in 'domdisplay' output
    VNC and SPICE graphics can use Unix sockets instead of TCP/IP sockets
    as connection endpoints, but such a configuration was not handled
    correctly by virsh domdisplay, causing the respective endpoints to be
    missing from the output.

- qemu: Don't check whether offline migration is safe
    Since offline migration only copies the guest definition to the
    destination host, data corruption is not a concern and the operation
    can always be performed safely.

- virt-host-validate: Fix IOMMU detection on ppc64

* Bug fixes

- qemu: Better support for international domain names (with wide
    There were some issues with multi-byte domains getting lost on daemon
    restart due to truncation, so the code now handles multi-byte names a
    bit better.

- qemu: Support long domain names with namespaces
    Domains with extremely long names would fail to start due to temporary
    namespace paths being created with the whole name. The path is now
    generated with shortened name instead.

- qemu: Tolerate missing emulator binary during libvirtd restart
    For some time libvirt required qemu capabilities being present when
    parsing VM configs during startup. As a side effect VM configs would
    fail to parse and thus vanish, if the emulator binary would be
    uninstalled or broken. Libvirt now tolerates when capabilities are
    missing during startup.

- qemu: Prevent pSeries guests from disappearing in some situations
    pSeries guest would disappear if any of the host devices they were
    configured to use was not available during libvirtd startup, which
    could easily happen for SR-IOV Virtual Functions. This scenario is now
    handled correctly.

- qemu: Honor <on_reboot/> setting
    The setting was accepted by the parser, but not actually implemented.

- Fix --verbose option for all daemons
    Since v3.0.0, the option had been ignored by all libvirt deamons
    (libvirtd, virtlogd and virtlockd); it's now working as intended once

  Thanks everybody for your help with this release, be it with code, patches,
review, documentation, but reports, etc ...

   Enjoy this release !


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Developers Tools http://developer.redhat.com/
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
http://veillard.com/ | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/

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