[Libvirt-announce] Release of libvirt-4.2.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Sun Apr 1 08:34:03 UTC 2018

  Not April fool one, I made the release on time :-)
It's signed in git and signed tarball and rpms are pushed to the usual place:


I also pushed a python binding 4.2.0 release which can be found at:


New features

- Support building with Python 3
  Python is required to build libvirt, and up until now only Python 2
  could be used as an interpreter. All scripts used during build have now
  been made compatible with Python 3, which means both major releases of
  the language are fully supported.

- qemu: Provide ccw address support for graphics and input devices
  Support the virtio-gpu-ccw device as a video device and
  virtio-{keyboard, mouse, tablet}-ccw devices as input devices on S390.


- qemu: Add logging of guest crash information on S390
  On S390, when the guest crashes and QEMU exposes the guest crash
  information, log the relevant data to the domain log file.

- qemu: use arp table of host to get the IP address of guests
  Find IP address of a VM by arp table on hosts. If someone customizing
  IP address inside VM, it will be helpful.

- Xen: Remove hard-coded scheduler weight
  The libxl driver was accidentally hard-coding the per-domain scheduler
  weight to 1000, silently ignoring any user-provided <shares> in
  <cputune>. The driver now honors <shares>, and defers setting a default
  value to Xen. Note that the Xen default is 256, so any domains started
  after this improvement will have one fourth the shares of previously
  started domains. If all domains must have equal CPU shares,
  administrators must manually set the weight of previously started
  domains to 256, or restart them.

there is no documented bug fix but there is quite a few there too :-)

  Thanks everybody for your help getting this release, with patches,
reviews, bug reports, documentation, etc. 

    Enjoy !


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