[Libvirt-announce] Release of libvirt-5.0.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Tue Jan 15 19:50:26 UTC 2019

  Hi all,

 as planned I just tagged the new release in git, and pushed signed tarball
and rpms to the usual place:


I also pushed the python bindings, identical to 4.10 with just the versioning
bump, you can find them at:


This release includes new features, but also remove the old apparently unused
UML driver support. There is also a rather large set of improvements:

New features:

- Xen: Add support for openvswitch
  The libxl driver now supports virtual interfaces that connect to an
  openvswitch bridge, including interfaces with VLAN tagging and trunking

- qemu: Report whether KVM nesting is available
  Running nested KVM guests requires specific configuration steps to be
  performed on the host; libvirt will now report in the host capabilities
  whether KVM nesting support is available.

Removed features:

- Drop UML driver
  The UML driver was unmaintained and not tested for quite some time now.
  Worse, there is a bug that causes it to deadlock on some very basic
  operations (e.g. dumping domain XML). These facts make us believe no
  one uses it.


- qemu: Add support for ARMv6l guests

- Support more NVDIMM configuration options
  Introduce more configuration options. For the source element, add the
  'alignsize' and 'pmem' subelements. For the target element, add the
  'readonly' subelement.

- cpu: Add support for "stibp" x86_64 feature
  Add cpu flag stibp (Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors) to
  prevent indirect branch predictions from being controlled by the
  sibling Hyperthread.

- libxl: Handle external domain destroy
  Historically, if a domain was destroyed using xl rather than through
  libvirt APIs, libvirt would not be aware of the fact and keep
  considering it as running. This is no longer the case.

- Start selecting the first available DRI device for OpenGL operations
  If OpenGL support is needed (either with SPICE gl enabled or with
  egl-headless), libvirt is now able to pick the first available DRI
  device for the job. At the same time, this improvement is also a bugfix
  as it prevents permission-related issues with regards to our mount
  namespaces and the default DRI render node's permissions which would
  normally prevent QEMU from accessing such a device.

- qemu: Add support for postcopy-requests migration statistics
  The virDomainJobInfo can get number page requests received from the
  destination host during post-copy migration.

Bug fixes:

- lxc: Don't forbid interfaces with type=direct
  Such interfaces are supported by lxc and should be allowed.

- qemu: Fully clean up RNG devices on detach
  Some RNG device types, such as those using EGD, might need extra clean
  up on the host in addition to removing the guest-side device.

  Thanks everybody for your help toward this release, be it with patches
reviews, bug description, documentation and localizations !

   As a reminder, the next release is scheduled at the end of February,
in the meantime, enjoy the new release !


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