[Libvirt-announce] RElease of libvirt-5.3.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Sat May 4 19:33:18 UTC 2019

  A bit late, sorry I was in vacations, but the release is now tagged in git
and I pushed the signed tarball and rpms to the normal place:


Please note that following discussion on last release the FTP server will
soon be shutdown.

I also pushed the related libvirt-python release that you can find in git
and at


This is a balanced release, one thing to note is the removal of the support
for the old 4.x VirtualBox releases

New feature:

- qemu: Add support for setting the emulator scheduler parameters
  I/O threads and vCPU threads already support setting schedulers, but
  until now it was impossible to do so for the main QEMU thread (emulator
  thread in the libvirt naming). This is, however, requested for some
  very specific scenarios, for example when vCPU threads are running at
  such priority that could starve the main thread.

Removed feature:

- vbox: Drop support for VirtualBox 4.x releases
  Support for all the 4.x releases was ended by VirtualBox maintainers in
  December 2015. Therefore, libvirt support for these releases is


- qemu: Use PCI by default for RISC-V guests
  PCI support for RISC-V guests was already available in libvirt 5.1.0,
  but it required the user to opt-in by manually assigning PCI addresses:
  with this release, RISC-V guests will use PCI automatically when
  running against a recent enough (4.0.0+) QEMU release.

- qemu: Advertise firmware autoselection in domain capabilities
  The firmware autoselection feature is now exposed in domain
  capabilities and management applications can query for accepted values,
  i.e. values that are accepted and for which libvirt found firmware
  descriptor files. Firmware Secure Boot support is also advertised.

- Drop YAJL 1 support
  YAJL 2 is widely adopted and maintaining side by side support for two
  versions is unnecessary.

Bug fixes:

- rpc: cleanup in virNetTLSContextNew
  Failed new gnutls context allocations in virNetTLSContextNew function
  results in double free and segfault. Occasional memory leaks may also

- virsh: various completers fixes
  There were some possible crashers, memory leaks, etc. which are now

- qemu: Make hugepages work with memfd backend
  Due to a bug in command line generation libvirt did not honor hugepages
  setting with memfd backend.

- Enforce ACL write permission for getting guest time & hostname
  Getting the guest time and hostname both require use of guest agent
  commands. These must not be allowed for read-only users, so the
  permissions check must validate "write" permission not "read".

  Thanks everybody for your help bringing this release up,


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