[Libvirt-announce] Availability of libvirt 5.9.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Wed Nov 6 21:11:27 UTC 2019

  With a bit of delay I finally made the release today, it's available
as signed tarball and source rpms from the usual place:


I also pushed a python release which is virtually identical to 5.8.0 one
but you can find it at 


You can start to see in this release some of the long term changes which
were raised last month:

Packaging changes

- Start linking against GLib and using its features
  Up until now, libvirt has been dealing with platform portability and
  the lack of certain features in libc by using gnulib and implementing
  its own functions and data structures respectively; going forward, it
  will prefer the facilities offered by GLib instead.

- Stop distributing generated documentation
  Most downstreams already patch the libvirt source to some extent, so
  this change will probably not affect them.

- Rewrite several Perl scripts in Python
  Phasing out Perl usage is part of the project strategy.

New features

- qemu: Introduce a new video model of type 'ramfb'
  Introduce a new video model type to the domain XML that supports the
  ramfb standalone device in qemu.

- qemu: Implement the ccf-assist pSeries feature
  Users can now decide whether ccf-assist (Count Cache Flush Assist)
  support should be available to pSeries guests.

- Xen: Support specifying ACPI firmware path
  The libxl driver now supports specifying an ACPI firmware path using
  the acpi element.

- qemu: Support specifying resolution for video devices

Removed features

- logging: Drop support for including stack traces
  This feature was intended to aid debugging, but in practice it resulted
  in logs that were too verbose to be useful and also resulted in a
  significant performance penalty.


- qemu: Implement CPU comparison/baseline on s390x
  This functionality has been historically limited to x86_64, but it's
  now available on s390x too.

Bug fixes

- lib: autostart objects exactly once
  If libvirtd or any of the sub-daemons is started with socket activation
  then objects might be autostarted more than once. For instance, if a
  domain under qemu:///session URI is mark as autostarted and the session
  daemon is started then the domain is started with it. If user shuts the
  domain down and the session daemon is started again, the user's wish to
  keep the domain shut off is ignored and the domain is autostarted
  again. This is now fixed.

- qemu: Properly advertise bochs-display availability
  Support for bochs-display was introduced in libvirt 5.6.0, but until
  now the model was not listed in the domain capabilities.

- security: Don't remember labels for TPM devices
  Due to the way they're implemented in the kernel, trying to remember
  labels for TPM devices makes it impossible to use them.

- security: Properly rollback after failure in a stacked driver
  When multiple security drivers are involved, failure in one of them
  would result in only the corresponding changes being rolled back,
  leaving the ones performed by drivers that had been activated earlier
  in place. All changes are rolled back now.

- Fix build with musl libc

- Improve compatibility with non-bash shells

  thanks everybody who helped with this release, next in a month !

    Enjoy :-)


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