Release of libvirt-6.2.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at
Thu Apr 2 19:55:36 UTC 2020

  Mea-culpa I forgot to push RC2 on Tuesday, rather than pushing the
release off by 2 more days, I decided to push the release today to stay
on schedule. As a result 6.2.0 is out, tagged in git and source tarball
and rpm are available at the usual place:

  I also pushed a release of the python binding with minimal changes that
can be found at:

New features:

- qemu: NVDIMM support for pSeries guests
  QEMU 5.0 implements NVDIMM memory support for pSeries guests. This is
  done by adding an 'uuid' element in the memory XML, which can either be
  provided in the XML or, if omitted, generated automatically.

- qemu: Add virtiofs support
  This feature, introduced in QEMU 4.2, is a more modern alternative to
  virtio-9p, which is exposed through the same <filesystem/> element.

- admin: Support reloading TLS certificates
  After renewing TLS certificates, it was usually necessary to restart
  libvirtd for the new ones to be loaded: now the same result can be
  obtained without restarting the daemon by using virt-admin

Removed features:

- Removed support for INI style of comments
  With switching of our internal code to GLib, parsing of client
  authentication config files is handed over to GLib which does not
  support INI style of comments starting with a semicolon (;). Use number
  sign (#) instead.

* Improvements

- qemu: Don't compare local and remote hostnames on migration
  This check was introduced to prevent same-host migration, but did not
  work as expected when multiple libvirtd instances were running on the
  same host but in different containers. With this release, the host UUID
  (which should be unique to the container) is checked instead.

- qemu: Use per-VM event loops
  Instead of using a single even loop to process communication with the
  QEMU monitor and guest agent, create a separate one for each VM. This
  helps with scalability and prevents scenarios where a single
  malfunctioning VM could affect all those running on the same host.

- qemu: Support migration with SLIRP helper interface
  With QEMU 5.0, a new D-Bus backend allows migration of external
  processes. When needed, libvirt will start a per-vm D-Bus bus, and
  migrate the slirp-helper along with QEMU.

Bug fixes:

- qemu: Open backing chain late for shallow block copy reusing external images
  With introduction of -blockdev for QEMU storage configuration in
  libvirt-5.10 we've started opening the backing chain of the
  destination/mirror of a virDomainBlockcopy started with
  when starting the job rather than when virDomainBlockJobAbort with
  VIR_DOMAIN_BLOCK_JOB_ABORT_PIVOT is issued. For users depending on this
  undocumented quirky pre-blockdev behaviour this caused a regression as
  the backing chain could not be modified while the copy of the top image
  was progressing due to QEMU image locking. Note that this fix also
  requires qemu-5.0 while -blockdev is used starting from QEMU-4.2.

- Don't generate machine names containing dots
  Even though the guest name containing dots is not a problem for libvirt
  itself, we need to strip them out when registering with machined
  because of the latter's requirements.

Thanks everybody who contributed to this release be it with 
bug reports, fixes, reviews, documentation, etc ...

  Enjoy the release, stay safe!


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Developers Tools
veillard at  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit | virtualization library

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