Release of libvirt-9.0.0

Jiri Denemark jdenemar at
Mon Jan 16 11:48:12 UTC 2023

The 9.0.0 release of both libvirt and libvirt-python is tagged and
signed tarballs and source RPMs are available at

Thanks everybody who helped with this release by sending patches,
reviewing, testing, or providing feedback. Your work is greatly

* New features

  * QEMU: implement external snapshot deletion

    External snapshot deletion is now possible using the existing API
    ``virDomainSnapshotDelete()``. Flags that allow deleting children
    or children only are not supported.

  * QEMU: support passt (

    passt can be used to connect an emulated network device to the
    host's network without requiring libvirt to have any sort of
    elevated privileges. This is configured with::

      <interface type='user'>
        <backend type='passt'>

  * QEMU: add external backend for swtpm

    Connecting the VM to a swtpm daemon started outside of libvirt
    is now possible.

  * QEMU: Support for passing FDs instead of opening files for `<disk>`

    A new API `virDomainFDAssociate` gives the users the option to pass FDs
    to libvirt and then use them when starting a VM. Currently the FDs can
    be used instead of directly opening files as `<disk>` backend.

* Improvements

  * qemu: Prefer PNG for domain screenshots

    With sufficiently new QEMU (v7.1.0) screenshots change format from PPM to PNG.

  * tools: Fix install_mode for some scripts

    Scripts from the following list were installed with group write bit set:
    virt-xml-validate, virt-pki-validate, virt-sanlock-cleanup, This was changed so that only the owner is able to write

  * qemu: Allow multiple nodes for preferred policy

    Due to restrictions of old kernels and libnuma APIs, the preferred NUMA
    policy accepted just a single host NUMA node. With recent enough kernel
    (v5.15.0) and libnuma (v2.0.15) it's possible to set multiple nodes.

  * secret: Inhibit shutdown of daemon for ephemeral secrets

    When an ephemeral secret is defined then automatic shutdown of virtsecretd
    is inhibited. This is to avoid ephemeral secrets disappearing shortly
    before their use.

  * qemu: Report Hyper-V Enlightenments in domcapabilities

    The supported Hyper-V Enlightenments are now reported in domain
    capabilities XML.

* Bug fixes

  * Fix NULL-pointer dereference `virXMLPropStringRequired`

    Fix a bug where when parsing a XML property which is required to be present
    by using `virXMLPropStringRequired` the parser will crash instead of
    reporting an error.

  * qemu: Init ext devices paths on reconnect

    Paths for external devices are not stored in the status XML. Therefore,
    when the daemon restarted and was reconnecting to a running domain, these
    paths were left blank which led to the daemon crash.

  * qemu: Validate arguments passed to `virConnectGetDomainCapabilities`

    There was a code path in which insufficient validation of input arguments
    of `virConnectGetDomainCapabilities` API was possible which led to the
    daemon crash. This path is now fixed.



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