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Thu Feb 26 05:41:04 UTC 2015

Dear libvirt-test-API,

We found your contact details on your Github profile and took the liberty to send you this quick note and include some freebies you might enjoy. We are a new startup that incubate tech startups, and you can expect to hear about us in the consumer and servicing industry, developing one-page apps build with the upcoming node.js-stack to make this world a better, or at least more fun, place.

We just built�Emailscraper.io, initially for internal purposes, but decided to launch�it to the public since we all have built or needed one some day, haven’t we? Do you know that many companies still gather this data manually!?�Well, let us do the dirty work from now on. We aim to get the most results the fastest, with the least amount of user interaction. All we need is a keyword plus country, city or area and we do the rest. No servers, no proxies, no limitations, no monitoring, its all covered.�Also the buy and download interface couldn't be simpler and are made to accomodate any client requirements and formats.

We went ahead and made your github account: "libvirt test API" eligible for 100 free credits ($50 value) when you sign up�within 7 days from today, Thursday�26�of February,�to test-drive our new service. And if you need some more, use coupon: GITHUB40 for a nice little partner discount.

If you like it we would appreciate a tweet or a share to spread the word in your location  and all other dark corners of the (online) world that are covered by your social media reach. And please include your affiliate link or personal 10% discount coupon you can find within your account so you get up to a 60% (!) kickback when your clients/followers purchase, without coding a single line, because sharing is caring! :)

We love to hear from you!

The team of MyHeadquarter.com

Follow us on: Facebook or Twitter :)

PS. If you don't want to be among the first to hear about projects like these, pls Let us know by clicking here.

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