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[libvirt-users] Question about libvirt general storage driver/framework


I have setup consisting of few nodes dedicated to virtualisation and
shared storage application. For running virtual machines we are using
KVM, and libvirt to manage them. Also, I am trying to setup some tools
for managing storage volumes.

I know about libvirt storage pools and existing storage volumes
support, but what I would like to see in libvirt is generic storage
driver (ideally it could depend on external application or script), or
some framework for managing storage.

Now we are testing NBD setup, and for some reasons I don't want to use
kvm-nbd. We would like to use custom nbd client and manage block
device creation/deletion for ourselves. Maybe in future we will use
iSCSI instead of NBD, so platform/transport agnostic framework or
driver would be very helpful.

I've searched and read both mailing lists (libvir-list and
libvirt-users), and have found that some libvirt users were asking for
similar or same feature. E.g :

So, the main question is: maybe there is some progress already done or
someone is thinking about working on it ?


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