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Re: [libvirt-users] Libvirt Compilation on MS Vista


Thank you for the swift response.  Now, the current state is the result of following the instructions found a la Web in the attached 'print to PDF' file.  Situation as follows:

1.  MinGW.  MinGW-5.1.4.exe installed without error; no issues.
2.  MSYS.  Failed to locate the executable MSYS-1.0.11-2004.04.30-1.exe, but MSYS-1.0.11.exe did install without error.
3.  msysDTK.  msysDTK-1.0.1.exe installed without error; no issues.
4.  GTK.  gtk-dev-2.12.9-win32-2.exe installed without error; no issues.
5.  M4.  Failed to locate compressed file m4-1.4.7-MSYS.tar.bz2, used m4-1.4.13-1-msys-1.0.11-bin.tar.lzma instead.  Did not understand instruction to extract to the 'root' folder but instead replaced the original M4.exe found in C:\MSYS\1.0\bin with the M4.exe found in the lzma file.
6.  Autoconf.  Failed to 'make' source found in autoconf-2.62.tar.gz due to a '[m4sugar.m4f] Error 1' error, but following a reference found on the Web to this error not occurring in autoconf-2.52.tar.gz, successfully 'made' and installed this version.  When moving on to step 7, Automake, compilation failed since autoconf 2.6 or newer was required.  However, autoconf-2.60.tar.gz failed with the 'm4sugar.m4f' error in the same way as v2.62.

Brick wall; sore head!  As I'm sure you have guessed my background is MS Windows rather than Linux so I am finding these issues, probably minor to you, extremely daunting and frustrating to me.  I am encouraged that you have successfully compiled a Windows Libvirt client, hope you can point me in the right direction.  Many thanks...


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2010/4/19 Tim McLeod <tim mcleod simulamen eu>:
> Does a comprehensive set of instructions on how to compile Libvirt on a
> Microsoft Vista platform exist?  Has this ever been accomplished?  I would
> very much appreciate input from persons who can give me confidence that a
> Windows client application can be developed on top of Libviet that connects
> to a QEMU system on an Ubuntu server.  The Libvirt Windows Support page
> (http://libvirt.org/windows.html) implies the exercise is trivial.  Over the
> last three weeks of failure I have come to find this assertion extremely
> amusing.

Compiling libvirt for Windows in not very well documented. You can use
the mingw32 cross-compile toolchain provided by Fedora. I think
several people build libvirt for Windows this way.

Another option is to use MinGW and MSYS on Windows to compile libvirt
for Windows. I did that successfully.

So before I start to describe the setup/compilation process and so
on... could you describe what your current setup looks like and what
problems you're facing?


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