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Re: [libvirt-users] Using the host's LVM to manage virtual disks

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Don Morrison @ 04/26/2010 06:21 AM:
> I've been able to do this both ways with libvirt/kvm. You have to define
> your logical volume as a block device. 

the logical volume shows up as a hard drive during the installation of
the VM.  the issue i am having, though, is that, on the virtual hard
drive, i still need to partition (at least) a root and swap partition.
once i've done this, i am unable to see the VM's root and swap
partitions in the hypervisor's LVM--it is still showing up as one,
unallocated partition.

i want it to actually show up as a root and swap partitions so i can
work with them directly.

i found this[1] page in the libvirt documentation that may be what i
need.  as the documentation states, all i should need to do is provide
the name of my volume group.  but, i cannot get it to work: after i
define the XML file with virsh, the <pool> block disappears from the XML
file.  apparently i'm not defining it right, where is it supposed to go?
 i have tried putting it under the <domain> block as well as under the
<devices> block.

1. http://libvirt.org/storage.html#StorageBackendLogical



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