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Re: [libvirt-users] Error creating a new vm

于 2010年12月20日 04:48, Anthony Davis 写道:

I wonder if anyone can help me with this, I have been trying to get a vm up and running for a while now and cant for the life of me work out why it isnt working. The errors I get arnt very helpful and im at a loss as how to debug this any further.

Here is the command and output that I get...(Also nothing shows up with virsh list --all after so its starting to install then dropping out)

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

[root server ~]# /usr/bin/virt-install -n test01 -r 512 --os-variant=virtio26 -l --nographics --noautoconsole --disk path=/dev/vg_storage/test01, bus=virtio -w bridge:br0 -x "console=ttyS0 ks="; -d -v
Hi, Anthony

Which libvirt version do you use? If I'm right, it should be
caused by a recent patch.

    /* wait for qemu process to to show up */
    if (ret == 0) {
        if (virFileReadPid(driver->stateDir, vm->def->name, &vm->pid)) {
_("Domain %s didn't show up\n"), vm->def->name);
            ret = -1;
#if 0
    } else if (ret == -2) {
         * XXX this is bogus. It isn't safe to set vm->pid = child
         * because the child no longer exists.

        /* The virExec process that launches the daemon failed. Pending on
         * when it failed (we can't determine for sure), there may be
         * extra info in the domain log (if the hook failed for example).
         * Pretend like things succeeded, and let 'WaitForMonitor' report
         * the log contents for us.
        vm->pid = child;
        ret = 0;

could you check your guest log, and also libvirtd log?



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