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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt unavailable while a VM is in migration?

> > So could you make sure you have debug info libvirt packages installed
> > or in case you compile libvirt yourself that you compile with -g
> > (should be there by default) and don't strip binaries.
> I am using the rpm packages distributed from the website, which I've
> installed on my debian box using alien.

Ouch, I wonder if that could be the reason... Could you just compile libvirt
yourself? Personally, I wouldn't really trust such transformed package esp.
considering the hacky steps you did and described in another email.

> I've attached two gdb traces -- one for when a migration is just
> running, and another where I've also got a blocked 'virsh list' from the
> command line. It appears there's no difference between them (except in
> the data counts in the thread actually doing the migration).
> I've also attached a trace for the 'virsh' process itself.

Thanks, that was a good idea since according to it virsh is stuck while it
tries to authenticate to libvirtd. Could you run this second virsh list with
LIBVIRT_DEBUG environment variable set to 1 and attach the debug output? Also
please check the virsh is stuck in the same place. Hopefully the log will tell
us more.


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