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Re: [libvirt-users] Anyone interested in forming a libvirt "docs" team?

On 21/12/2010, at 10:15 PM, Anthony Davis wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> I can offer some free time :)

Awesome Anthony, very welcome. :)

There's a pretty broad spectrum of things we need to get improved. :)

>From stuff that doesn't take any real virtualisation knowledge:

  + The new Virsh Command Reference.  Most pages just list the command name
    and the version of libvirt it came in, without even showing the arguments the
    command can be given.  Like this:


    It just needs someone(s) who can run the virsh "help" command for a
    command, and then write down the options the command has.

    We're using a really simple text format for this, so it's pretty easy. :)

Stuff that requires knowledge of an operating system, but not necessarily deep
Virtualisation knowledge:

  + The existing docs on the libvirt.org website have been (mostly) written by people
    using path names that apply to Fedora and RHEL.  It would be good to identify these,
    and update these to include the correct paths for other Linux distributions too, such
    as Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Gentoo, and so on.

    Probably the first thing that needs to be done for this is just someone to scan through
    the pages on the website making a list of which ones have paths to be looked at.  We
    can then figure out from there what it'll take, who needs to do what, etc. :)

  + Screenshots.  Lots of the virt-manager pieces and processes could benefit from
    having good screenshots taken to show the process.

    Note, I haven't really thought this bit through to a deep level, so we probably need
    to discuss, make a list, and so on. :)

Stuff that could really use a person that *does* have solid knowledge about some
aspect of things, or a strong desire to learn it (then write it up).  The two areas that
jump out the most as needing attention here are:

  + Virtualisation storage concepts.  There are some initial bits around "What is a
    storage pool? What is a storage volume?  How do we use them?" in places, but
    nothing really nicely put together, targeted to general SysAdmin users.

    Some of this info does exist in the Fedora or RHEL virtualisation guides, but
    they're distro specific and this info should be available on the libvirt.org or
    virt-tools.org websites themselves.

  + Networking and virtualisation.  All kinds of stuff here, from explaining how each
    of the virtual networking types work, through to explaining what the VirtIO network
    device is, and how to install the drivers for it in Windows.  All of which is directly
    of use to heaps of people, and hasn't yet been written. Heh. ;)

So, I guess the first and best question is "which of the above sounds like you?" :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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