[libvirt-users] live migration not working correctly

Daniel Bidwell bidwell at andrews.edu
Wed Feb 24 03:44:47 UTC 2010

I have two servers running Ubuntu 9.10, with shared disk from ISCSI SAN
and OCFS2, identical network configurations, shared ssh keys, and pki
keys.  My vm will boot from either machine and run correctly.  When I
attempt to do a live migration with "migrate --live base32 qemu
+[ssh/tcp]://vm1/system" it initiates the vm on the other server, but
leaves the vm on the current server in the "running" state and the vm on
the other server in the "paused" state.  It never finishes the
migration.  I get the same results for doing a migration via ssh as I do
with tcp/pki.  I have turned up the logging to debug, but don't see
anything in the log to indicate an error or any reason for it to not
complete.  At least not anything obvious.  The Ubuntu server software is
using kvm/qemu version 84.

I have been through the ubuntu and qemu forums/wiki/documentation.
Anyone have any suggestions of other things to look for?

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