[libvirt-users] controlling VM access to different tap devices

Ryan Haggerty rhaggerty at tresys.com
Tue Nov 2 18:07:02 UTC 2010

Sorry if this off-topic but I have a qemu related question I was going
to send to the qemu users mailing list but that list appears to have
vanished.  I thought this community might have some insight.

I am interested in controlling VM access to different tap devices so I
want to have different qemu processes bound to different tun devices.
I've created new tun devices (eg. /dev/net/tun_low) followed by the use
of tunctl to create new tap devices based off of the new device nodes
(ie tunctl -t tap0 -f /dev/net/tun_low). This also did not seem to work
as the VM's seemed to still be accessing /dev/net/tun (running strace on
qemu-spice I found it was still doing an open on /dev/net/tun) and not
my new device /dev/net/tun_low.  Any suggestions on forcing qemu to use
alternative tun devices?

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