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Re: [libvirt-users] qemu sdl parameters via libvirt

于 2010年10月30日 23:43, Bruce Hohl 写道:
Hello List, I run a few VMs via libvirt using '--sdl'.  I would like
to use qemu parameters -no-quit, -no-frame and -ctrl-grab with
libvirt.  Does libvirt support a way to use these qemu parameters?
libvirt does provide way to suport qemu parameters, since 0.8.2.




Does libvirt provide a way to add these options under<graphics/>  in
the domain.xml using 'virsh edit domain.xml'?

for <graphics/>, guess you can write all the graphics parameters in
<qemu:commandline/> instead to have a try.. not sure if will work. :-)


- Osier

My current<graphics/>  is as follows:
<graphics type='sdl' display=':0' xauth='/home/admin1/.Xauthority'/>

I know I could just create a regular kvm start-up script and include
these parameters but I would like to manages all VMs via libvirt&

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