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Re: [libvirt-users] (no subject)

于 2010年11月17日 00:51, David M. Barlieb 写道:
HI, I’ve just begun using libvirt as part of my KVM installation and
have been having some confusion regarding networking of my virtual
guests. I’m not sure if I should even be sending this to this mailing
list and if not please let me know and if possible where I should be
sending this inquiry.

I understand I can setup a dedicated bridged interface for my guest. But
as for the virbr interface which is the default, I’m a little confused
about. When using this, does the guest os use the same ip as the host?

no, for you use the 'default' virtual network

# ps -ef | grep dnsmasq

libvirt use  dnsmasq to allocate private IP addr for guest
automatically. and yes, Daniel and Justin already replied
you how the guest could communicate with outside networks.


- Osier
If so, then how to packets get to the guest instead of the host. I would
guess there’s an alternate mac address for the guest interface and this
is how it gets there but am not certain. Sorry if this seems like a
simple question but I’m not very well versed in networking.


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