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Re: [libvirt-users] Changing default nic and storage types

于 2010年11月16日 21:30, Chris Phillips 写道:

Simple question that I can't track down any notable discussion about,
let alone an answer...

Is it possible to define what the "default" nic and storage types are?
I am deploying images out of cobbler using koan and all of them are
running virtio wherever applicable, but this is not the default, and
at present there is no way within koan or cobbler to define what type
of devices they should be. I've hard coded this device type
declaration into koan, but don't like that in the slightest, and would
typically expect to be able to just set "default=virtio" in a libvirt
config file somewhere.

I fear I'm actually not missing anything and it's just hard coded for
the most compatible device with no recourse to override it.

It seems reasonable to add a new preference in "/etc/libvirt/qemu.conf".
Now libvirt use "ide" as the bus type for disk device if it fails on
the series detections.

- Osier


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