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[libvirt-users] bootloader_args element

I am trying to set the hostname of VMs at boot time and banging my head against the wall.  I am using

virsh create xen-config.xml

to boot a Scientific Linux 5.5 image.  I have gone through the libvirt domain xml format at


and I don't see anywhere to set the hostname in there.  I am using pygrub for the bootloader and noticed the  "bootloader_args" element.  Can I pass an argument to the kernel at boot to set the hostname?  Can I pass anything to the kernel at boot time?  Nothing I have tried seems to work.  I have tried sifting through the pygrub code (for lack of documentation) and no luck yet.  I think my challenge is with pygrub but any help would be appreciated.  I have also posted this at




but still waiting...


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