[libvirt-users] availability of snapshots functionality via Python bindings

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Mon Jan 3 17:59:58 UTC 2011

On 01/03/11 - 06:39:35PM, Marcin Krol wrote:
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> Hello everyone,
> Is this being worked on? I rather need this thing...
> Although my system is Debian Lenny, not RH:
> kulfon /etc/default % dpkg -l | grep libvirt
> ii  libvirt-bin                          0.4.6-10+lenny1            the
> programs for the libvirt library
> ii  libvirt0                             0.4.6-10+lenny1
> library for interfacing with different virtualization systems
> ii  python-libvirt                       0.4.6-10+lenny1
> libvirt Python bindings

Snapshot support is indeed in the libvirt python bindings already, but you
are using an *ancient* version.  You need at least libvirt 0.8.2 to get
snapshot support.

Chris Lalancette

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