[libvirt-users] livemigrate problems

saint at eng.it saint at eng.it
Wed Jan 5 13:20:31 UTC 2011

>>>>> "CC" == saint  <saint at eng.it> writes:

>>>>> "CC" == saint  <saint at eng.it> writes:
CC> I can livemigrate w/o problems between any two from red9, red10
CC> and red11, I can livemigrate from either red9, red10 or red11 to
CC> red3 but I can't livemigrate to any other blade from red3.

I TCP-dumped the  dialog from both a succesful and  a failed migration
(as I said,  I have a couple of problematic  hosts and other perfectly
working ones).

When the  migration succeeds, I have  data transmitted to TLS  port on
the target  machine and  to one  of the  ports that  must be  open for
migration with this pattern:

first data are sent  to the TLS port, then to the  other port (and the
communication ends  with a reset), then  other data ended by  a FIN to
the TLS port on the target machine. The reply to the FIN is a RESET.

I checked, it is not a problem  with the certificates: I had a machine
raising  such  problems  because  had  the clock  set  to  before  the
beginning of the vvalidity of the client certificate.

I checked libvirtd configuration, and got nothing strange.

The machine that fails to migrate can contact the intended target:

virsh -c qemu://remotehost/system list --all 

works perfectly.

I think I am going to fill a bug report...

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