[libvirt-users] git repository access via HTTPS

Fyodor Kupchik ferimy at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 12:06:05 UTC 2011

I can make a checkout from https://github.org and there exist several repos
with the libvirt sources but I don't know if I can safely use them.

Unfortunately I can't use snapshot since I'm using scripted installation
procedure. Yes, I can rewrite the script but it is not convenient to me
because I want to automate update and compilation of sources and maintaining
the patches for the bootstrap script looks painful to me.

Can anyone from the official team create a repo on github server and
configure mirroring the sources tree? Of course the best way it to have
HTTPS on the official libvirt.org site.

2011/1/22 Justin Clift <jclift at redhat.com>

> On 22/01/2011, at 7:55 AM, Justin Clift wrote:
> > On 22/01/2011, at 3:52 AM, Fyodor Kupchik wrote:
> > thank you, guys for quick replies and suggestions but I still can't
> access repo on gitorius with the HTTP 403 error
> >> HTTPS didn't work as well with"operation now in progress" error
> >>
> >> do I need any special creds for anonymous access?
> >>
> >>
> >> 2011/1/21 James Barkley <james.barkley at gmail.com>
> >> I've had to use the hourly snapshot because I also cannot get to the git
> protocol. How is the gitorious clone repo kept in sync? Is this native git
> functionality (sync repos) or is it some special sauce on top of that?
> >>
> >> -jb
> >
> > Yeah, it's definitely not working here for me either.  The clone
> operation is just hanging for me:
> >
> >  $ git clone http://git.gitorious.org/libvirt/libvirt.git
> >  Cloning into libvirt...
> >  (and that's it.  Left it running for 1/2 hour, no change)
> >
> > I don't have a gitorious account either, so will get a free one and see
> if that helps.
> Something seems to be wrong with the gitorius end of things:
>  $ git clone git://gitorious.org/libvirt/libvirt.git
>  Cloning into libvirt...
>  remote: Counting objects: 51387, done.
>  fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
>  fatal: early EOF
>  fatal: index-pack failed
>  $
> Using a browser to go to the http:// URL above from before just gives a
> "Not Found" error too.  I'll email them and see if they have any idea of
> what's wrong.
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