[libvirt-users] libvirt and shared storage SAN Fiber Channel

Frederic SOULIER frederic.soulier at univ-tlse1.fr
Mon Jan 24 15:13:11 UTC 2011


is anyone using libvirt with SAN Fiber Channel storage and multiple hosts ?

is rhcs and gfs the only reliable solution ?

i will test rhel 6 with one LUN shared by two hosts and try to make a 
libvirt-pool on it.
is libvirt-pool and libvirt-volume "metdata" stored on the physical disk 
like with LVM ?
Can anyone explain or point me to the info which explain how libvirt is 
used in multi hosted environment ?

Thanks for tour help.


On 11/01/2011 21:30, Frederic SOULIER wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking information about using libvirt with san (fiber channel) 
> based storage and googling for a while i don't see anything about it.
> I send this email in order to get advices about libvirt and shared 
> storage
> We use here, for 3 years now, 8 linux centos server connected to an 
> hitachi FC SAN (multipath devices).
> Each server run Xen dom0 and use SAN LUNs to store Virtual machine 
> filesystem ( basically one LUN per VM).
> For each LUN we create an LVM VolGroup. On each VolGroup we create 
> Logical volumes (one for swap, one for root filesystem).
> We present to the vm the 2 Logical Volume as it was raw disk.
> In this system we can make live migration between host using local 
> scripts which assume than one VolumeGroup is used only by one host at 
> the same time on the 8 node "cluster". We don't use any clustered 
> aware environment like CLVM.
> We plan to migrate to kvm and libvirt with the new centos release 
> (CentOS 6).
> Reading the upstream documentation and libvirt i don't find anything 
> about using libvirt with san storage except for iscsi.
> Do you have any link or idea about using kvm + libvirt + SAN FC 
> storage that permit to make live migration between node (we think 
> about RHCS with GFS2 but it seems very complex to set up) ?
> Do you think i can use the LUN's SAN as local storage on each node. 
> For each LUN create an LVM Volume Group (same on each node, like that 
> we doing now with xen) and use it as volume pool in libvirt.
> Is volume pool in libvirt is 'cluster aware' (Can i access it 
> simultaneously from different node) ?
> I'm beginner in kvm so any advice will be great.
> regards

Frederic Soulier

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