[libvirt-users] compilation error

Justin Clift jclift at redhat.com
Thu Jan 27 10:29:35 UTC 2011

On 27/01/2011, at 8:11 PM, antoni artigues wrote:
> Hello
> Yes. I want to run only the libvirt client. I want to connect from it to
> manage vmware ESX servers on the cluster nodes.
> But we must hurry up. So, I think we can't wait for your solution.When
> would be the improvement?

That's one of those "it's hard to tell things".

However, you might be in luck. :)

Because you're just needing the libvirt client, there's a chance that the broken
pieces are in an option you don't need.

So, try turning off the compiling for as many options as possible, using
configure switches.  Using this kind of approach:

  $ ./configure --with-libvirtd=no (add more options here if needed)

It will mean a bit of experimentation on your part, but it's worth trying.

Btw, one of the important options to turn off is the macvtap one,  The macvtap
code seem to directly use the function you mention is broken, so avoid that one.

You ok to try this out?

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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