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Re: [libvirt-users] Compatibility with Parallels Virtouzo

Thanks! I compiled libvirt on my own and added --with-openvz. Driver is now available.

But as feared libvirt is using a api call that virtuozzo dont accept. Is there a way to update those calls?

[root localhost local]# LIBVIRT_DEBUG=1 virsh -c openvz:///system
00:25:12.878: 2313: debug : do_open:1053 : trying driver 1 (OPENVZ) ...
00:25:12.879: 2313: debug : virCommandRunAsync:1874 : About to run /usr/sbin/vzlist -a -ovpsid,status -H
00:25:12.901: 2313: debug : virCommandRunAsync:1890 : Command result 0, with PID 2314
00:25:12.902: 2313: debug : virCommandRun:1711 : Result status 0, stdout: '' stderr: '00:25:12.889: 2314: debug : virCommandHook:1808 : Hook is done 0
Unknown field: vpsid
00:25:12.902: 2313: debug : do_open:1059 : driver 1 OPENVZ returned ERROR
00:25:12.903: 2313: debug : virUnrefConnect:145 : unref connection 0xc9aada0 1
00:25:12.903: 2313: debug : virReleaseConnect:94 : release connection 0xc9aada0
error: internal error Child process (/usr/sbin/vzlist -a -ovpsid,status -H) status unexpected: exit status 1
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

2011/7/12 Matthias Bolte <matthias bolte googlemail com>
2011/7/12 Andreas Mauf <a mauf syseleven de>:
> Yes, vzctl works. But how do I connect to Virtuozzo? Using the openvz driver
> it doesn't work out of the box:
> virsh # connect openvz:///system
> error: Failed to connect to the hypervisor
> error: no connection driver available for openvz:///system

You're libvirt might be compiled without OpenVZ support. Try

 LIBVIRT_DEBUG=1 virsh -c openvz:///system

and check if it's probing the OpenVZ driver.

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